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How to make Tawa Fish Fry recipe with tasty sauces

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How to make Tawa fish fry recipe with tasty sauces like imli ki chatni. Fish is the main food item served in winters in every house. Try our special and delicious lahori style tawa fry fish served with tasty imli alubukhara chatni and mint mayo sauce.

Tawa fish fry Recipe ingredients

  • Fish (kala rohu) 1 whole 500gm
  • yogurt 150gm
  • red chilli powder 50gm
  • ginger garlic chopped (2tsp)
  • ginger garlic paste (1/2tsp)
  • vinegar (2tsp)
  • salt (1tsp)
  • chilli flakes (1tsp)
  • ajwain (1tsp)
  • cumin powder (1tsp)
  • coriander powder (1tsp)
  • sesame oil (2tsp)
  • turmeric powder (1/2tsp)
  • mustard oil (2tsp)

 imli aloo bukhara chutney ingredients

  • tamarind(imli) 50gm
  • plum(alubukhara) 50gm
  • sugar (1tsp)
  • water

How to make Tawa Fish Fry recipe step by step:

  • imli alubukhara sauce prepartaion


Soak imli and alubukhara in water.

Watch video at 00:24 for Step-1


Then transfer this into a cooking pan and turn on the flame and whisk slightly.

Watch video at 00:30 for Step-2

  • Fish Marination


Make small cuts on fish with sharp knife.

Watch video at 00:56 for Step-1


Marinate fish both sides with freshly chopped ginger,garlic,vinegar and salt.

Watch video at 02:51 for Step-2


Take a bowl and add yogurt,red chilli powder,red chilli flakes,salt,ajwain,cumin powder, coriander powder,sesame oil,ginger garlic paste,turmeric powder and mustard oil and mix well.

Watch video at 04:18 for Step-3


Marinate both sides of fish with this batter well.

Watch video at 06:41 for Step-4


Take fresh coriander, mint leaves and 1 green chilli and chop it and also add this on fish.Set aside this marinated fish for 45 min.

Watch video at 07:09 for Step-5


Again stir imli alubukhara sauce and add sugar and red chilli flakes in it. transfer it in a bowl.

Watch video at 09:11 for Step-6

  • Mint Mayo Sauce Preparation:


take fresh coriander and mint leaves,2 green chillies,ginger 20 gm,salt 1/2 tsp,red chilli powder 1/2 tsp and vinegar 2tsp.

Watch video at 10:12 for Step-1


Grind all the above ingredients in a blender and take out in a bowl.

Watch video at 10:45 for Step-2

  • Fish Fry:


Heat 200gm mustard oil on Tawa or large pan. And cook marinated fish with both sides.

Watch video at 12:03 for Step-1


Cook fish for atleast 10 min on each side.

Watch video at 12:45 for Step-2


Serve this yummy Lahori style Tawa fish with imli alubhukhara and mint mayo sauce.

Watch video at 13:00 for Step-3

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