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How to make easy chicken chow mein recipe at home

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How to make chicken chow mein at home easy chicken chow mein recipe. Chicken Chow mein is a Chinese dish which is loved by kids and young equally. Try our yummy and easy chicken chow mein recipe and add this to your dinner table.

Recipe ingredients

  • noodles 250gm
  • boneless chicken 200gm
  • onion (one)
  • green capsicum (one)
  • carrot (one)
  • cabbage half
  • black pepper (1tsp)
  • chili flakes (2tsp)
  • oyster sauce (3tsp)
  • vinegar (2tsp)
  • salt (1tsp)
  • sesame oil (2tsp)
  • garlic paste (1/2tsp)
  • tomato ketchup (3tsp)
  • chicken powder (3tsp)
  • soya sauce (4tsp)
  • white pepper (2tsp)

How to make chicken chow mein recipe step by step:


Boil some water in a pot and add some cooking oil.

Watch video at 00:38 for Step-1


Add noodles in boiling water and prevent overcooking of noodles.

Watch video at 00:53 for Step-2


Cut onion, capsicum, carrot, and cabbage in Julien shape as prescribed in the video.

Watch video at 01:02 for Step-3


Strain the noodles and add 1 tsp oil to prevent them from sticking.

Watch video at 03:32 for Step-4


Take the boneless chicken and cut it into a fine Julien cut.

Watch video at 04:36 for Step-5


Heat 3 tsp oil in a pot and add garlic paste and add chicken in it and fry until tender.

Watch video at 05:00 for Step-6


 Add onion in it, then add capsicum and saute for a while. Then add carrot to it and cook for 1 min.

Watch video at 05:36 for Step-7


Then add noodles in it and mix well.

Watch video at 06:54 for Step-8


Add white pepper, soya sauce, chicken powder, ketchup, black pepper, chili flakes, oyster sauce, salt, and white vinegar and mix well.

Watch video at 07:40 for Step-9


Add cabbage and mix well.

Watch video at 10:06 for Step-10


Transfer this chow mein in a serving dish and garnish with green onion.

Watch video at 10:40 for Step-10

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