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how to make deviled eggs and canapes recipe in easy way

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Easy Deviled eggs & canapes recipe, Easy healthy snacks, and best for kids lunch box ideas. Deviled eggs and canapes are one bite food. These are very easy and quick-to-make recipes. These two are loved by everyone especially kids. Eggs are rich in iron, vitamins, and minerals.

Deviled Eggs Recipe ingredients

  • eggs
  • salt
  • black pepper
  • mayonnaise
  • coriander

Canapes Recipe ingredients

  • boiled eggs
  • bread slices
  • salt
  • black pepper

How to make deviled eggs step by step:


Boil some water in a pot and Place eggs carefully to boil and add some salt.

Watch video at 00:30 for Step-1


Put all the eggs in cold water and peel the eggs.

Watch video at 01:18 for Step-2


Cut the eggs from the middle and separate the egg yolks.

Watch video at 01:37 for Step-3


Put the eggs yolks, salt, black pepper, mayonnaise, and coriander in a blender to make a puree.

Watch video at 01:50 for Step-4


Transfer this puree in a piping bag and stuff in the middle of egg whites.

Watch video at 02:32 for Step-5


Sprinkle some paprika powder and garnish with thin cucumber slices, deviled eggs are ready to serve.

Watch video at 02:54 for Step-6


Take another bread slice and spread sauce on it and put it on the prepared slice.

Watch video at 04:06 for Step-7

How to make Canapes step by step:


take a bread slice and grill it on a grill pan from both sides.

Watch video at 03:32 for Step-1


Take boiled eggs and finely chop them into small pieces.

Watch video at 03:45 for Step-2


Transfer it to a bowl and add some salt and black pepper and mix well.

Watch video at 03:58 for Step-3


Cut the grilled slices into four pieces and remove the edges.

Watch video at 04:21 for Step-4


Place some mixture on a bread piece and garnish it with mayonnaise drop, finely chopped tomatoes, and coriander leaves.

Watch video at 04:45 for Step-5


Canapes are ready to serve.

Watch video at 05:05 for Step-5

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